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The Oxford Shirt Company

The Oxford Shirt CompanyBehind The Brand

Behind The Brand

Shirt-making has been at the heart of our business since it was founded over 30 years ago by Neil Lauder. Today, The Oxford Shirt Company is run by the next generation, brothers Mish and Ollie.

The Griffin that serves as our logo has been associated with the Lauder family for over a thousand years. These mythical creatures, part Lion part Eagle, were famed for their strength and in legends were often depicted as guardians of treasure and priceless possessions. The decision to incorporate this distinctive symbol above our name was obvious, as a mark of our heritage and a reflection of the characteristics of our brand. In turn, Mish and Ollie have brought a new generation of Lauders into the world, to one day continue the family tradition.


Celebrating the Oxford Button Down

The Oxford Button-Down

The button-down Oxford cotton shirt is, of course, at the core of the Oxford Shirt Company collection. Created in a pure, firmly-woven heavy cotton, the craftsmanship is in the detail: a softly rolled collar, contrast stitching buttonholes, piping on the neck and embroidery on the gauntlet. And of course, the fit is excellent: cut to flatter, we work with with the drape of the cloth and the experienced eye of our master shirt maker to ensure our customers always look their best, day or night.

Origins Of The Oxford Shirt

We are often asked what is an Oxford shirt. In essence, it is all about the cloth: cotton, of course, woven in a basket weave style with contrasting threads. It is both breathable and durable but also soft to the touch. It was named after Oxford University - reportedly there were also cloths called after Cambridge and other universities, such as Harvard and Yale, but the Oxford cloth was the only one to endure. We are not surprised!

Its popularity started in the days of the Raj, when polo players turned to it for its hard-wearing but breathable properties. And it was the same sportsmen who added the button to the collar to stop it flapping as they rode. But it was the Hollywood film stars of the 50s and the mods of 60s Britain who embraced the Oxford button-down and turned it into a fashion staple. There has never been a more versatile item of clothing.

Origins Of The Oxford Shirt
Learning The RopesLearning The Ropes

Learning The Ropes

Throughout their lives, Mish and Ollie have been schooled in the world of shirts, from Saturdays on the shop floor to holidays and evenings helping in the stockroom. They appreciate what constitutes as a great shirt.

But perhaps more importantly, their time spent in the business means that they also know their customers: what they like and what they need. Based in the market town of Burford, the company has been long intertwined with the lives of its local population, be it those working in the surrounding Cotswold countryside to the many who pursue the daily commute east to London and beyond.

The demand is for style and quality combined; shirts that are well designed and have versatility at their core, shirts that are guaranteed to ensure you look your best whatever and wherever the occasion. And we have realised that this need is not confined to our beautiful little corner of the world. We are supplying our shirts to retailers across the globe, from Portugal to Peru, from Australia to America. Our aim is to allow more people the joy of wearing great fitting, good looking shirts.

Learning The RopesMish and Ollie

(On behalf of the Lauder family and everyone at The Oxford Shirt Company)