Matthew Rice

Artist, Illustrator & Writer

Matthew walks in and out of his studio all day, easily distracted from his drawing by more instantly gratifying temptations in his garden and beyond. Whether writing, illustrating or designing mugs and other household goods for Emma Bridgewater, his work is focussed on watercolour. He works alone on a wooden table with a cosy fire at his back and two black labs on the sofa.

Mathew lives near Burford in a ‘small and very rural un-grand Manor House’ his words not ours! It had a very brief moment in the sun as a castle wall and gatehouse but that was back in 1320, since then the once rather imposing walls have been quarried to provide stone for houses in the village. It has some fields around it and a small wood that he planted ten years ago which is now gratifyingly full of wildlife. The house didn’t have a garden and until recently was surrounded by a group of other ugly concrete barns, but a garden has grown and has now spread every year, so much so that he opens it a few times over the summer. Most excitingly for him is that it is also home to his daughter, Lil, and her Circus - Fools Delight. Her red and white tent looms over the veg and dahlias several times a year when the whole place is shrieking with happy children and bouncing, springing and rooting with acrobats, clowns and musicians. He loves living in this busy place full of artistic endeavour and fun!

While he is still excited by the grand glitter and shine of London he is sufficiently put off by the commute to transfer that thrill to something new in the greenhouse or a family of new bantam chicks!

Matthew is pictured at his house in our button-down Oxford shirt in Blue and Navy Stripe. This is a shirt that will see you through every occasion. It’s the most versatile shirt you can own – it’s also the one we are most proud of. There is so much that sets it apart from the crowd. Look out for the beautiful, rolled collar, the buttons are positioned so it is not flat and lifeless like so many others; and the extra weight of the Oxford cloth, which gives the shirt body and drape. It feels great to wear and gets better with age.

Matthew is also pictured wearing our button-down country shirt in beige and green check. Crafted in brushed cotton, the woven check is commonly known as a tattersall, named after the horse market, founded in London in the 1770s. This has been paired with our lambswool crew neck in blue. We love working with pure lambswool, its soft, breathable, and warm. Classic knitwear that’s at home under a jacket for trips to town or paired with a thick winter coat for afternoons on the touch-line.

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“No longer a great one for a tie, the informal feel of the Oxford Shirt does me rather well and the knitwear keeps away the autumn chill!”

Matthew Rice - Artist, Illustrator & Writer

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