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The Original Oxford Shirt

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2 Linens For £802 Linens For £80

2 Linens for £80

Mix and match our linen shirts with Mens and Womens, Colours and Styles



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  • Great Value!

    Superb quality and price. Now I have seen your linen shirts - I will be purchasing every year. Fabulous!

    Jane Prichard-Jones - 05/03/21 
    Verified Buyer


  • Excellent Quality

    Love everything about the shirts, button down collars, breast pocket, good sleeve length, wash and iron well too.

    Terence Lloyd - 17/05/18
    Verified Buyer


  • Great Variety

    Excellent quality and colourful shirts. Great varity of shirts for both casual and formal occasions

    Linda Brady - 10/05/19 
    Verified Buyer


  • Lovely Liberty Prints

    I love the Liberty London shirts, the fit is wonderful, proper shirts and beautiful patterns, The service is very good too,

    Rachel Woods - 20/06/20 
    Verified Buyer


  • Good Customer Service

    Very comfortable to wear and very good delivery service, friendly staff.

    Gordon Richards - 21/09/19 
    Verified Buyer


  • Lasting Quality

    Great quality, great value especially with the 3 for£79.95 deal! The longevity of the shirts is extrodinary and they wash and iron well!

    Jamie Warner - 25/01/19
    Verified Buyer


  • Unique Patterns

    Your Liberty London shirts are different and very unique, beautiful colours and patterns and they wash very well!

    Ann Alexander-Sinclair - 17/12/20 
    Verified Buyer


  • Value for Money

    They are excellent value for money. They look and feel expensive, they fit my shape and look tailor made.

    Gerard Davies - 07/07/20 
    Verified Buyer

  • Great Fit

    The shirts are a great fit for me and there's always a good range of colours for choose from.

    Martin Cockgedge - 23/04/20 
    Verified Buyer

  • Unique Prints

    The Liberty print shirts are fun, quirky and so unique. I love them and hope to get more.

    Alison Clarke - 11/02/20 
    Verified Buyer

  • Men's Country Shirts

    My son loves your shirts, the fit is perfect and quality superb. However, they are a little pricey, but I'm sure they will last and we will be getting more.

    June Braddow - 15/06/20 
    Verified Buyer

A Brand Built To Last


Celebrating The Oxford Button-Down

At the heart of everything we do is the button-down Oxford shirt. Created in a pure, firmly-woven heavy cotton, the craftsmanship is in the detail: a softly rolled collar, contrast stitching button-holes, piping on the neck and embroidery on the gauntlet. Cut to flatter, we work with the drape of the cloth and the experienced eye of our master shirtmaker to ensure our customers always look their best, day or night. There has never been a more versitile item of clothing.

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